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Welding and Fabrication in Calgary

Welding and Fabrication for Trucks, Trailers and Heavy Equipment

You may not regularly need welding and fabrication for your heavy vehicle or equipment. Still, when the need arises, you want to be sure it’s done correctly. With our high-quality heavy vehicle welding and fabrication services, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Accurate Mechanical & Welding, a diesel repair and welding shop in Calgary, has been providing heavy duty mechanic services for decades. Our company specializes in heavy truck repair, heavy equipment repair, fleet repair, diesel repair and machinery/vehicle diagnostics.

Welding and fabrication are among our Calgary diesel shop’s core services.

The Accurate Standard

While our certified repair, inspections and maintenance services are second to none in quality, at times, a diesel engine, vehicle or heavy equipment will require a custom-made part or operation. That is where our certified diesel mechanics use services like welding and fabrication.

We have a team of highly skilled and licensed professionals who undertake welding tasks with extreme accuracy and efficiency. They are also highly trained to make custom fabrications on-site and mobile. Even if you need a welding solution on the other side of the city or in the middle of the freeway, we’ve got your back.

Welding and Fabrication Shop Calgary

Why Your Truck May Need Welding

Certain problems in heavy vehicles and equipment require tailor-made solutions, often in the form of extra parts, extensions, joint ends, or new components. Our welding team can make fabrications from scratch, using different materials to cater to your need.

Here’s a list of some possible reasons for getting a welding job done for your diesel vehicles and machinery, especially if you’re in Calgary.

Repairing Fenders

Fenders are the parts of the vehicles that take the most beating, particularly in heavy-duty trailer trucks. These trucks carry tonnes of cargo over huge distances, through harsh terrains, and in difficult climatic conditions at times. As such, their fenders go through a lot of wear and tear over time. They might need some welding solutions to reinforce the overall structural integrity that can help the fenders last a longer time.

Rust Solutions

Driving your truck in harsh conditions can also expose it to rust. The rust may enter and infect the vital structure of the vehicle. Some fabrications might be needed to prevent that from happening and spreading too far. You might even need to add some temporary or permanent parts if the previous components were rusted beyond recovery.

Here’s a list of some possible reasons for getting a welding job done for your diesel vehicles and machinery, especially if you’re in Calgary.

Snow-Induced Problems

In colder climates, snowing can be a downright nuisance for heavy-duty machinery, especially diesel vehicles like snow-ploughing vehicles, which may end up becoming the victims of their own craft. Snow also promotes rusting and overcooling of vehicle parts. Also, the lack of visibility when the snow is thick can lead to other problems like hitting hidden debris, obstacles, cars, trenches, etc. If you’re driving your heavy truck in a snowy area and have experienced any such problems, chances are your vehicle will need welding and fabrication.

Temporary or Semi-Permanent Fixes

Oftentimes, parts and components of trucks and heavy equipment need to be replaced entirely. But their replacements may be difficult to obtain for a multitude of reasons. It is a good idea to visit a welding shop for a custom-made solution in such a case. Welding and fabrication can fix the issue at hand temporarily, allowing your operations to continue before the new parts are procured and installed.

Trailer Attachments

For a truck to haul a trailer, it needs to have the necessary hitches and attachments that the trailer can latch onto. Although most trailer-trucks come custom-designed for the purpose, using a regular diesel truck as a makeshift solution will probably require a makeshift latching mechanism, too, with help from some experienced welding techniques.

Welding and Fabrication Service in Calgary

Despite the technology-dominated industrial practices, heavy vehicles often require manual skills, such as welding. That, in turn, leads to the need for experienced welding professionals who can provide reliable solutions.

The good news is that at Accurate Mechanical & Welding, we offer customized welding & fabrication solutions to ensure your business is always up and running without any interruptions.

If you’re looking for a welding and fabrication service in Calgary, we’re just a call away. We also provide mobile welding and mobile diesel repair services.

Reach out to us for pricing and to book an appointment.