Trailer Inspection and Repair

Trailer Inspection and Repair in Calgary

Ensure your trailer is functioning safely and effectively

Modern-day trailers are more sophisticated and powerful than the trucks from 4-50 years ago. These trailers come with complex features, braking systems, suspension-mechanisms and environment control functions designed to boost the efficiency and cargo-range of hauling operations. As such, these commercial vehicles require more maintenance and repair.

The experts at Accurate Mechanical & Welding can handle all your trailer repair and service needs, thanks to the more than 50 years of combined experience and state of the art technology. Our Calgary based full-service diesel repair shop is the one-stop destination for all kinds of trailer inspections and maintenance.

Trailer Inspection Calgary

Breakdowns in trailers are common occurrences, and when it happens, your entire freight operations can come at a standstill. You’ll need quick delivery of repair service to maintain efficiency levels, and that’s where our diesel shop has got your back.

Our trailer inspection service professionals specialize in Commercial Vehicle Inspections (CVIP) on buses, trucks and trailers. Our certified mechanics ensure a complete assessment of trailers under legal requirements in Calgary and performance checklists.

Using our service, you’ll be able to significantly cut down operation delays and long-term overhead costs.

The trailer condition assessment checklists available at Accurate Mechanical and Welding include:

Dump Trailer Repair Calgary

Trailer Repair Calgary

Time is money, and we at Accurate Mechanical & Welding understand that you want quick fixes to your trailer problems. Our operations for trucks and trailers are available on-site, all in one place, unlike the usual disintegrated structures. There’s no longer any need for fleet managers and drivers to spend more time transporting trailers from one facility to another since our one-stop diesel shop offers hassle-free repair solutions, including fleet repair.

Speed and quality are our priorities. Our on-field experts are always there to cater to every possible service that your trailers may require. We promise that your trailer will be restored to the best possible condition that meets road-legal standards for a long time to come.

Our skilled on-site welders also offer fabrication services in case the repairs need extra materials and components. Custom made parts tailored to your trailers are all produced in the same facility.

We offer the following trailer-repair options on-site:

Time Saving Maintenance Scheduling

No matter what type of repair your trailer needs, we’ll make sure your vehicle is road-ready in no time. We will customize the repair timelines to your specific needs. You can rest easy that your trailers are in good hands, and with the repairs done by our team of certified professionals, you’ll drive away your trail in excellent condition.

The heavy truck repair and maintenance checks and routine assessments are designed to your convenience and only require visits to one facility.

Reach out to us for pricing and to book an appointment.