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DPF Deletes in Calgary

Improve the efficiency of your truck's diesel engine

If you’re looking for a DPF delete for your heavy truck in Calgary, you’re in good hands. Accurate Mechanical & Welding is a leading diesel repair and heavy-duty mechanic shop that has been providing services in Calgary for more than five decades now. One of our superior services for heavy-duty vehicles is the execution of DPF deletes.

Most heavy-duty vehicle owners choose DPF deletes since it saves them money by improving vehicle function, reducing fuel consumption, and boosting unit power. But before we delve into why getting a DPF Delete at Accurate Mechanical & Welding is a good idea, let’s elaborate on what a DPF delete even is in the first place.

What is a DPF Delete?

The Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) belong to the after-treatment systems found inside diesel engines. These also include EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), DOC (Diesel Oxidization Catalyst), Urea Injection Fluid Systems, and the VGT (variable geometry turbochargers). All of these mechanisms contribute to the overall emissions systems in diesel engines.

These systems are costly to maintain over time since they always require repairs or replacements. These costs can drag on throughout the vehicle’s ownership, which is why some owners choose to free themselves of these charges by removing their after-treatment systems altogether. A DPF delete eliminates these expenses.

You might be wondering whether a DPF delete is legal. The good news is that it is legal in Calgary. But keep in mind that it can render warranties void if applicable, so make sure to consider that before opting for a DPF delete.

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DPF Delete Process

The entire process of removing the after-treatment system from the engine is a bit complicated. At a high-level, it involves:

DPF Deletes at Accurate Mechanical & Welding

The DPF delete procedure requires multiple skilled diesel mechanics, computerized tools, heavy machinery and welding, all of which are available here at Accurate Mechanical & Welding. 

For the best rates and DPF procedure times, feel free to contact us. We also provide a range of other services, including heavy truck repair, mobile diesel repair, mobile welding, and heavy equipment repair.

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