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Diesel Engine Repair in Calgary

We are the experts when it comes to diesel repairs

Accurate Mechanical & Welding is a diesel-repair company that services trailers, trucks, and all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles in Calgary, Canada. Our motto is ‘Everything Diesel, Anything Metal.’ And we’re highly committed to our motto. No matter if it’s a diesel-powered heavy vehicle or equipment that needs maintenance, repairs, or just a certified inspection, our diesel shop in Calgary has got you covered.

Diesel Repair Experts

We specialize in diesel engine servicing and repair, with our team of skilled industry experts offering more than 50 years of experience combined. Besides our diesel mechanic team’s unparalleled level of skills, we are equipped with the latest technologies and industrial-grade machinery and tools to deliver high-quality inspection and repair operations.

We use computerized inspection and diagnostic mechanisms to accurately diagnose engine problems. That way, we can fine-tune our solutions to target the existing issues at hand with pinpoint accuracy. With our diesel engine service at your disposal, you no longer must go through unnecessary procedures or fixes or even a complete overhaul of the entire engine when faced with a malfunctioning component or engine damage.

Diesel Engine Repair Calgary

Our Quality is Guaranteed

Our Calgary-based facility gives our customers the convenience of bringing in their engines for a one-stop fix. Our customer-oriented framework ensures that you and your business remain the priority of our operations throughout your time with us.

We realize the challenges faced by the Calgary truck drivers and fleet managers who require efficiency and long-lasting machinery to help them in their line of work. And we fully understand the importance of speed and quality when it comes to heavy truck repair. We offer both single vehicle repair services as well as fleet repair services in and around Calgary.

Our provision of high-quality services helps maintain the longevity of diesel engines, besides ensuring that these engines operate at their maximum levels of performance and efficiency. Our friendly heavy duty mechanic professionals are experts in the field. They’re equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver world-class services.

We also offer mobile diesel repair services to meet your needs at your business site or any other place in Calgary. When you choose our mobile service, our mechanics will perform the necessary repair and services without having you bring your vehicle to our diesel shop. Even in the case of a trailer-truck breakdown in the middle of the highway, you can rest assured that we’ll provide your truck with the same quality of repair service that it would receive at our facility.

CVIP Certified Diesel Care in Calgary

Our mechanics are all CVIP certified to make sure that all repair works follow strict quality assurance guidelines. Our inspections, both automated and manual, are carried out with hawk-eye precision to ensure each repair made to the engine is meant to last for years on end. We understand that durability is an essential factor for heavy-duty vehicles and machinery that go through long spells of wear and tear.

Our services are available for all areas in Calgary, Alberta, and they include but are not limited to the following list of operations:

Accurate Mechanical and Welding performs detailed CVIP inspection on commercial vehicles that exceed the gross vehicle weight, as regulated by the Alberta Transportation Department. To ensure commercial vehicles operate in compliance with Alberta’s safety regulations, our skilled staff will keep your vehicles in line with federal and provincial regulations.

As part of the CVIP inspection, our certified professionals will examine your vehicle’s:

If repairs are not immediately needed, the engines’ regular servicing is recommended as a preventative feature that keeps the engine as healthy, durable, and long-lasting as industrially possible. Not only that, our parts and services are also available with warranties. 

For any concerns, pricing quotes, or information, feel free to reach out to us or set an appointment for some premium grade diesel repair work.

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