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Using the proper tools to to accurately and effectively identify issues

Accurate Mechanical & Welding is a diesel repair and welding shop that services trailers, trucks, and all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles in Calgary, Canada. Our one-stop facility houses a team of CVIP certified heavy-duty mechanics with more than 50 years of combined experience. On top of that, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment for welding, repairs, and inspection operations. Our mobile units deliver our services remotely to customers.

Heavy Truck Diagnostics Calgary

One of the robust technologies that we use for inspections is a computerized diagnostics system. The system helps us to locally target the exact cause of engine or vehicle failure with pinpoint accuracy. This helps negate the need for unnecessary full assessments and black-box check-ups since the issue gets identified quickly and effectively.

Besides quick diagnostics, our computerized system saves you money that you may otherwise spend on unnecessary assessments and repairs. During your truck’s inspection, a diesel mechanic from our team of certified professionals will run a computerized scan to reveal any problems within minutes. We have made heavy investments in equipment and technology to deliver an unparalleled quality of individual and fleet repair services in Calgary

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Smart Inspections and Diagnostics

The results of the computerized diagnostic scans must be interpreted correctly for the findings to be of any use at all. The indicators could be next to impossible to decipher by ordinary laymen since a simple light or reading could mean up to 20 or more different things representing the vehicle’s condition.

You need a reliable and trusted heavy-duty vehicle diagnostics expert to detect underlying problems in your vehicle. The tech-savvy and experienced professionals at our diesel shop can comprehend the exact readings of the computerized scan and then translate them into real issues and, consequently, implement actionable fixes to those issues.

Quick Diagnosis at Accurate Mechanical & Welding

Although the On-Board diagnostics caution drivers about some issues in their vehicle, the actual problem must be addressed by an expert as quickly as possible. Make sure to bring your vehicle to our facility or call us for mobile service when the ‘Check Engine’ light stays on after starting up the vehicle.

If the light turns off before you get the problem diagnosed, you should be good to go. But if the engine light goes from staying lit to blinking, it is a sign of a serious problem, such as a possible engine failure. In such a case, be sure to bring your vehicle to our diesel shop or call us for help.

Timely diagnosis and repair of the problem will not only save your truck, trailer, or bus from expensive repairs but also prevent possible interruptions in your business.

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