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Heavy-Duty Braking Systems

We are the experts when it comes to diesel repairs

Braking systems are not only limited to vehicles like trucks and wagons but apply to modern-day trailers too. These are vital safety mechanisms that offer control and precision rather than fuel efficiency or speed. If you’re looking to have your vehicle’s brake examined or repaired by a heavy-duty mechanic, our certified professionals have got your back. You can rest assured that we’ll assess and repair your vehicles’ braking systems to their fully operational condition.

Trucks carrying heavy cargo at high speeds need a tremendous amount of stopping power to arrive at a complete standstill. And when a heavy truck is hauling tonnes of important cargo over long distances, your reliance on the braking system becomes even more important. Safety is of the utmost importance, and although braking systems need to be sturdy and durable to last long enough, they are far from being unbreakable or everlasting.

Heavy-Duty Brake Servicing Calgary

To keep your freight, your crew, and people on the road safe, your vehicles’ braking systems need to be regularly serviced. It must be thoroughly assessed for possible repairs and maintained per the local road-legal standards.

Our individual vehicle and fleet repair services are available for trucks, trailers, tractors, recreational vehicles (RV), wagons, buses, and any other type of heavy vehicle. The good news is that we also carry out heavy equipment repair. We ensure that the needs of the heavy-duty logistics truck drivers, commuters and fleet managers are met. We have all the necessary certifications, tools, resources, and personnel to do just that.

Our support for braking system repairs, diagnostics, and services range cover hydraulic braking systems, air braking systems, and ABS mechanisms, especially for trucks, trailers, and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Semi Truck Brake Service Calgary

Heavy-Duty Brake Repair Calgary

You can trust our experienced team of professionals to thoroughly inspect your vehicles according to Calgary’s highest industry standards. Our comprehensive strategy with braking mechanisms allows us to evaluate and improve heavy-duty vehicles’ effectiveness, with a customer-focused approach that we are proud to deliver.

Our diesel mechanic team can handle repairs in the smallest of areas of your vehicle by stripping off each component with surgical precision. The braking services offered at Accurate Mechanical & Welding include, but are not limited to:

Not only do we offer a one-stop solution to our Calgary customers by making all services available at one facility, but we even deliver our services remotely via our mobilized units that can even weld custom parts and carry out on-site fabrications.

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