CVIP and Safety Inspections

CVIP and Safety Inspections in Calgary

CVIP Inspections to keep your fleet safe and within provincial regulations

CVIP is mandatory for all heavy-duty commercial vehicles in Calgary and other parts of Canada. After your truck passes the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), you’ll be provided with a CVIP certificate and a decal to place on your vehicle’s windshield. The certificate and decal are proofs that your truck has passed the CVIP inspection and meets the standards to drive on Candian highways.

Accurate Mechanical and Welding is a Calgary-based diesel mechanic shop that provides a range of services to commercial vehicles. Besides CVIP and safety inspections, we offer heavy-duty vehicle repair and maintenance service by adhering to strict standards.

From basic oil changes to CVIP inspections and all kinds of repairs in between, Accurate Mechanical and Welding does it all for you.

CVIP Basics

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) aims to sustain and enhance commercial vehicular safety. It defines inspection procedures and criteria for vehicles that travel on Canadian Highways, such as buses, trucks, trailers, and more.

While CVIP inspections do not substitute preventive maintenance, they help set a standard for vehicular maintenance programs. Registered commercial vehicle owners are required by law to ensure that their vehicles have a valid certificate and decal to avoid penalties and fines.

CVIP inspections can only be conducted by a facility like ours that is certified by the Government of Alberta. Commercial trucks and trailers are required to undergo a check every 12 months. Commercial passenger vehicles, such as vans and school buses, must get a biannual review.

CVIP Inspection Calgary

Finding a CVIP Inspection Facility

To ensure that your commercial vehicles pose no risk to anyone, it is essential to select an inspection facility licensed to conduct CVIP inspections. It is always a good idea to ask for references from other commercial vehicle owners if you are searching for a facility to handle your vehicles’ CVIP inspection.

When selecting your CVIP inspector, be sure to confirm the validity of your technician’s license for inspection. Moreover, confirm that the CVIP inspection site is in good working order and all the necessary tools are available for a complete and proper inspection. Refrain from employing the services of a substandard facility that carries outdated equipment and cannot provide proof of certification for its technicians.

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CVIP and Safety Inspections at Accurate Mechanical & Welding

Our diesel shop in Calgary has expert technicians and the latest equipment for all types of heavy-duty trucks and equipment repairs and maintenance.

Accurate Mechanical and Welding performs detailed CVIP inspection on commercial vehicles that exceed the gross vehicle weight, as regulated by the Alberta Transportation Department. To ensure commercial vehicles operate in compliance with Alberta’s safety regulations, our skilled staff will keep your vehicles in line with federal and provincial regulations.

As part of the CVIP inspection, our certified professionals will examine your vehicle’s:

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